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Danwei does not have a blogroll for two reasons. Firstly everything you see on the screen should be on topic. Secondly there are many people out there who are not regular visitors to the blogosphere and I don't want to confuse them with too many links. My theory of usability is that my mother should be able to figure it out in less than a minute and I know a blogroll would confuse her.

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However, I will link to other blogs where relevant. Here is a roundup of China-related blogs that I like. This will be updated from time to time, so please send me links. I am especially looking for good Chinese language blogs.


The below are excellent sources of China-related links, news and commentary about China.

Peking Duck
Covering China, Asia and American foreign policy, Richard of Peking Duck closely tracks foreign news coverage of China, especially where it concerns corruption and malfeasance.

PRC News and Brainysmurf
Maintained by Tianjin-based teacher Adam Morris, PRC News follows current events and news coverage of China in the foreign press, matching it with local observations. Brainysmurf is more personal and covers language and cultural issues, the blogger's life, and Chinese miscellanea. Adam is also a major contributor to Living in China, a new group blog that is off to a promising start. Peking Duck also contributes to Living in China.

Gweilo Diaries
Asian politics, Asian babes.


The bloggers listed below don't post as obsessively as the four above, but are well worth checking once in a while.

Regularly updated photoblog: real Beijing flavor.

An articulate and original voice, Leylop writes about her solo adventures around the Chinese hinterland, and makes low key observations of current events and her daily life as a student in Hangzhou.

Maintained by Chinese language student and English teacher John, Sinosplice is a personal blog about life in Hangzhou. The site also functions as a blog host and contains many other China-related blogs and links.
Essays by a Chinese-language student about China, Chinese culture, and a miscellany of China stuff.

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Er, you might notice that the page is dated October 2003. There is a newer list here.

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