China Daily becomes an image source for Fleshbot

Fleshbot enjoys Chinese state-owned media
Fleshbot is the porn-watching blog of the New York based Gawker Media mini-empire, one of the most succesful blog media companies, run out of New York by former Financial Times journalist Nick Denton.

So, who does Fleshbot turn to when they need porn links?

One of the world's leading sources of communist soft porn of course: The China Daily.

When they needed a nude photo spread of Italian volleyball player Francesca Piccinini, they lifted it from the China Daily's website. The China Daily images seem to have been copied from another website, originally scanned directly from the pages of Men's Health magazine.

The China Daily galery of Piccinini pics is here, Fleshbot's post about it is here.

Here are some more interesting galleries on the China Daily's website: 1, 2, 3.

- Thanks to Steven Schwankert for the state-owned media consultancy. Grateful readers can thank him by learning how to scuba dive in Beijing.

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Comments on China Daily becomes an image source for Fleshbot

Whoa - When did China Daily stop using the blur tool on pinup images? Did the trial period on their pirated PS software finally expire?

hehe I think we should call it ART not porn.

We shoud call it 'Italian Fine Art'...

Forza Azzurri!
Italia Campione del Mondo 2006

You never see Chinese women undressed in China Daily.

That would be revealing state secrets.

good one, Sha. Lol.

umm, thanks for the links, JG

I can't help but imagine someone getting punished about this down the road.

wow~~absolutely it's really nice and great for a woman to do that~

actully she gets a terrific fingue~ and have the honor to show to all over the world.

i admire this and it's a victory of women.


Not true. You can often find pictures of nude Chinese women in the China daily.

Uh, I hear.

Anyway, these are often camouflaged as stories about artistic "photo shoots" for amateur photographers.

At any rate, they are cosmopolitan in their approach.

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