China's first police blog

Zhang Li from the police blog's babe gallery

A Chinese cop has started what the People's Daily is calling the country's first police blog.

The blog features a cheese-pop soundtrack of 'The Song of the People's Police', a gallery of police babes that allows you to vote for the hottest female cop, photos of police officers training, heartwarming tales of good deeds by police officers, and special warnings to citizens -- the current threat is bag snatching and pickpocketing, crimes that apparently always increase in the summer.

The image reproduced here is from the police blog's babe gallery. It shows Zhang Li, who is the 'image representative' of the Hebei Province police.

Xinhua has more information about the blog:

The founder of the police blog, Hao Chao, is a policeman and is proud of introducing something new, initially to the media and now to the public, in an effort to showcase hardships policemen face and difficulties they experience at work.

The police blog was an overnight hit, claiming more than one million visitors in its first two months.

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Somehow I doubt that this blog is going to do anything other than push the Party line and ignore/explain away those "incovenient" social/political problems that the Party wishes didn't exist.

Arf arf arf! Maybe Maxim or P-Boy will followup with the Babes of Gong An special issue!


Translation for those of you Middle Kingdomers: Rolling On Floor Laughing My Ass Off!!

Where is the discounted prisoners' organs section?

Funny, all the "freedom-loving" Americans crawl out the woodwork to add their snarky comments, even as they live in a country with greatest numbers of people imprisoned in the world.

But America is #1--in prisons and patriotic bullcr*p.


Yes, Amerika is evil blah blah. But if I am not mistaken, Tian is actually a Chinese guy.

All the proud Amurikans--and their stooges of whatever ethnicity--don't like it when America's vaunted freedoms are thrown into question.


This commenter added this note to his comment above:

Danwei: Please post my comment, submitted for the second time now.

OK, your comment is posted. But Danwei is not the place for anti-American rants: this website is about media and advertising in China. And this post about a police blog in China has nothing to do with the "vaunted freedoms" of the USA.


I never seen police like this in China !!!

I am doing a report of women in the police force in China and am having trouble finding anything about women police offiers if you could let me know where to look that would be great.
thank you
candice andrews

Hello from Sacramento, California. I am a police officer with the Sacramento Police Department. I have been keeping a blog for our deparatment for about a year now. I was looking at your blog. Perhaps we could bounce ideas off of each other on new ideas and ways to get people to read them. Blogs are big here in the US. I was very impressed with the fact that you have one. Take a look at mine at Click on the blog link. You can ask me (Officer Michelle) a question as well. Hope to hear from you....Sincerely, Michelle Lazark

You wouldnt be anything without the stuff you shove into our country made of whatever. Don't bash Americans. It is a police blog. and treat it as such. Police around the world encounter many of the same problems either administratively or on the street. That is what we should be sharing and encouraging.

we have been cheated by a supplier in China. What can we do to get redress? Please help. TQ

I know this is a police blog for different topics for discussion, which is why I wanted bring up the issue of sellers from one country selling to buyers from another country and the seller has no intention on making good on their end of the negotiation. In AMERICA (USA) we call this fraud. I have be a victim of such actions and would like to know if anyone could help me since I am here in the USA. I would like to take action against this person so that this person/people don't get the opportunity to do this again to other people. If you can provide assistance my email is

Thank you,

For research in policing in China, see

To whom it may concern,

I am interested id working as a police trainer in
China. I'm having trouble finding who to contact
in order to get started. I could sure use some

Thank You,


i need help becouse i was scammed by a china company , i send the money but no rpoducts becoming , can you please help me what i have to doing to get my money or products back, i see tousand of people geth fraud by china people now is a esay way to geth money whitout working !! put a fake web emails msn and you get sheet scamed and defrauded .

so please give any detail what i can doing , the china goverment must be take any actions agains this new way of false bussines people ofering stuped prices and make millions in dollars whit the pain of others .

hoppe you help me to charge this criminals

I worked in shenzhen for one year, i have been issued Z visa (residence permit)for one year.
Now I came back to india and i need police clearance certificate, can you help me how can i get it
Hardev singh (harry)

I think it is great . It shows that police men and women are human .It gives a feeling of pride in there work and family and life. It shows more than a uniform and gun and bad things around us.

We have trading cards , picture- iterests-hobbys-some of there history .

People and other police trade and save love them " this is the officer who help me" and big smile and shows card.

Your blog does about the same . Great Job.

Thank You, Jerry Morissette

As befor, I love your blog . This is to honor and enjoy police.
You could help by a link to a area to report crimes done on internet or
In China . I don't won't to air on your blog about crime done , we all need a place to report a crime. A link would be great .

Its a very good blog but if you enter here a Chinese police web address where other peoples from other countries can launch their complaint about on line companies then its best blog.

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