China News worries about strippers, the Beijing Youth Daily worries about bloggers published an article drawn from a CCTV investigation of - shock horror! - a strip club in the Federation of Trade Unions' office in Shengzhou, Zhejiang Province.


The image shows strippers dragging a customer up on to the stage.

The article contains a quote from a taxi driver who wasn't worried about being arrested for watching the show: "They're doing it, we're just watching it. If they are going to arrest anyone, it won't be us!"

The author of the article worries about the bad effects on society of such shows. Which are, of course, entirely different from the effects of images like this one, found just a few clicks away on, apparently from a Brazilian fashion show.


The stripper article is here, the Brazilian fashion show pictures are here.

Meanwhile, further north, a Beijing Youth Daily reporter "worries about blogs" in an article on the Youth Daily's website.

"Americans know about blogs because of Drudge reporting about Clinton sex scandals and 911 and other national affairs, while Chinese people know about blogs mostly because a Ms Mu exposed her private life online"

He refers of course to Mu Zi Mei, and goes on to list other bloggers who write about their sex lives, such as this young lady:


So now we have the Beijing Youth Daily worrying about people making websites about sex instead of politics?


The Youth Daily article is here, Castle 3's sex blog is here (don't get too excited).

Thanks to the ever vigilant Shanghai Eye for the links. Shanghai Eye notes some recent media sackings in an article entitled Pissing on the Bund, and follows China's 'First Toilet Summit' here.

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