Chinese cyberspace reaction to freeing of Iraq hostages

Danwei reader B writes:

Good to learn that the 8 hostages are now safe. And it could be interesting to note the reaction to this news on China's cyberspace. Sina, one popular destination for Chinese youngsters, has hundreds of pages of comments.

Excerpts (translations mine):

China should financially support the captors in the name of paying ransom. Also we should send them Mao's work 'On Geurilla Warfare'.

Iraqis know who is their enemy and who is their friend.

Thank you Iraqis, wish you victory until liberated!

See, Iraqis are more humane than Americans and Japanese.

I am so proud that I am a Chinese!

Our government is so powerful! Thank our Party, thank Hu and Wen!

May God bless Iraqis, wish them victory over invaders!

This is China's victory!

Shaking hands with insurgents (referring to a Reuters photo) is absolutely OK. Those Iraqis treat Chinese better than Americans treat Chinese. Americans are bandits.

Because our motherland is so powerful, they can be home. Our government is right!

Long live president Hu, Long live PRC!

Chinese are good! If they were Americans, Japanese or Brits, they are already dead! Chinese are friendly, generous!

Our foreign policy is correct.

Our country is strong, that's why.

Long live the great Chinese Communist Party!

People should be obedient, don't make trouble for our Party and government.

Supporting Iraqi people killing American and Japanese.

China has the highest reputation in the world!

I'll donate for Iraqis!

China is rising!

The fact proves Iraqis are not terrorists. They are just like our anti-Japanese military.

LINKS: BBS (in Chinese)

Bingfeng Teahouse post commenting that the above comments are not representative.

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