Chinese dog blog wins world's best blog award

From Deutsche Welle, Germany's state-owned news service:

The winners of the Deutsche Welle’s 2004 International Weblog Awards have been decided. The international jury honored Weblogs in 11 categories and over 60,000 users voted to award User Prizes in each of the categories.

"If we can't talk about people than we'll talk about dogs," said the jury prize winner in the Deutsche Welle International Weblog Awards 2004, the first international blog competition...

..."The jury members saw the winning blog as a successful metaphor for the situation of people living in China and other nations," said Guido Baumhauer, online editor-in-chief at Deutsche Welle and BOBs organizer. "The blog is a good example of Weblogs bringing up an issue that is not tackled by the traditional media."

"The Weblog can be understood as a parable," Chinese jury member Mu Zimei confirmed. "The way dogs live is projected onto the lives of humans – dogs’ rights onto human rights."

Mu Zimei or rather Muzi Mei was the only Chinese reader on the judges panel.

The Deutsche Welle is here, the dog blog is here.

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