Chinese suspects in Boston dirty bomb plot

Boston is abuzz with rumors about a dirty bomb allegedly on its way to the city from Mexico, smuggled by two Iraqis and four Chinese nationals. The whole story sounds fishy, but if you are curious here are two resources:

- Photos of the four Chinese suspects and an LA Times article reproduced on Hong Kong blog ESWN;

- Excerpts from and links to many different sources as well as an image of the four Chinese suspects on right wing American blog Backcountry Conservative.

UPDATE: Xinhua:

An allegation of a Chinese connection to a reported terror threat in Boston has yet to be substantiated, Foreign Ministry spokesman Kong Quan said.

"I remind you that up to now all media reports (on the event) said the information is 'uncorroborated,'" Kong said at a regular news media briefing Thursday.

...Not commenting on the investigation directly, Kong said China's stance on fighting terrorism remains unchanged.

"We've been firmly supporting the concerted efforts made by the international community to fight all kinds of terrorist activities," said Kong.

"China is among the victims of terrorism," he added.

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