Chinese Wikipedia unblocked

The Chinese version of Wikipedia has been unblocked! Andrew Lih has the story. Excerpt:

Here in the PRC, it has been four days since the block of Chinese Wikipedia (ZH) was fully lifted. All reports indicate it is indeed accessible from everywhere in the country - an improvement on the initial partial lifting of the block on 10/10...
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Well, whoopee!! I guess I'd better start working harder on my Chinese then, because this seems to have coincided with the English (and every other language) version of Wikipedia getting blocked again.

And Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, GMail, and all the Google search engines. Or is just me that's suffering this?? WHY ME?!

sorry man, I think it's just you. All sites working for me (Though wikipedia is loading really slowly for me right now, but it is loading).


Why don't you guys do a column telling readers how to use a proxy server? Then, you won't have to waste your time writing stories like this, because it won't matter what sites the government blocks.

what's so exciting about wikipedia? the entries are no better than chicken ribs.

alex, has posted on more than one occasion a link to the web-based proxy But maybe they could make a clear link to it off their homepage?

The unblocking of Wikipedia has implications far beyond mere convenience for our readers. Changes in the government's blocking policy affects what sites the larger Chinese online population is able to access unproxified, which, according to Andrew Lih's data, appears to be directly related to participation in cross-border online communities.

Besides, we don't want to insult our readership by continually telling them what they already know...

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