Chongqing nail house destroyed

China's first Internet icon of 2007 succumbs to the bulldozer
The Chongqing nail house has been destroyed, according to this report on Netease (in Chinese), illustrated with images by a Xinhua News Agency photographer.

'Nail house' (钉子户) refers to a house whose owners refuse to move out to make way for redevelopment. The Nail House of Chongqing rose rapidly to national fame in the last few weeks, largely because photos of the house looked so cool, and were spread rapidly around the Internet.

The Netease article does not mention the settlement or what happened to the owners of the house.


The Settlement Terms for the Chongqing Nail House

According to the Jiulongpo People's Court, the two-storey building was valuated at 2.47 million RMB while the real estate developer offered a replacement shop/home building valuated at 3.06 RMB; as a result, the house owners Yang/Wu will pay back the difference of 590,000 RMB to the developer.

Furthermore, the real estate develop will pay compensation to the amount of 900,000 RMB for business losses plus 105,000 RMB for property damage and moving expenses. This is coming down from the 5 million plus RMB originally demanded by Yang/Wu.

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Thanks to George for the tip.

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Comments on Chongqing nail house destroyed

Here is one article describing the final settelment with the owners.
It still doesn't mention what the settelment amount was, though.

Don't they use wrecking balls anymore?

“largely because photos of the house looked so cool” !
How funny this sentence !
I think the owner is an action artist.

It's cool enough that people have snapped up the domains and 钉子户.中国 (and the accompanying variations). (link)

"I think the owner is an action artist."
How funny this sentence!

Would have looked good on TV, but we got a "continue to not report" message flashing up on our computer screens at CCTV-9. Haven't watched any TV news tonight, so I don't know if this applied to all channels.

This also happened with a social club next to Crown Casino in Melbourne, Australia. It wasn't the money they wanted, but a better deal. It took 10 years for it to be sorted out and the club has rellocated now and the former site has been demolished to make way for a multi-level carpark for the casino.

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