CNN reporters buy cheap business books

It appears that journalists writing for CNN's website have been doing their research by buying cheap "Doing Business in China" guidebooks at some of Asia's less reputable airports.

Get a load of this clichéd hogwash titled 'China: Up Close and Personal' from the CNN website's 'Business Traveller' section:

Developing close personal relationships or "guanxi" is an essential part of doing business in the People's Republic of China

When conducting business in China, always abide by the Confucian principles of showing humility, sincerity and courtesy in dealing with others and be sensitive to the concept of saving face.

Never criticise or question counterparts in front of others and be aware that the Chinese find it difficult to say no, as this is seen to entail a loss of face.

Establishing business contacts can be a challenge for the foreigner. Try to find a third party or intermediary, such as a small business association, to introduce you to potential business partners.

Once initial contact is made, building a close relationship with business associates is key. Unlike in the Western world, the Chinese are unlikely to enter into business until a personal relationship, or "guanxi" has been established. Friendships may be cultivated at business dinners and goodwill expressed through the giving of small gifts.

As you progress towards the negotiating table, ensure you are familiar with the strict protocol governing business meetings.

That's like real helpful. And it reassures us of the high quality we can expect from CNN's 'Eye on China' — a whole week of China coverage centred on the FORTUNE Global Forum in Beijing next week.

CNN Business Traveller: CHINA: Up close and personal
CNN: Eye on China

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