Digging for porn in China

Digging the yellow pages

Every six months or so, one or another government body launches a campaign to crack down on pornography and other types of 'unhealthy information'. Such crackdowns are usually called sao huang (扫黄) or 'sweep away the yellow', the color being a symbol for porn.

Some enterprising Chinese web master has started a site at that purports to be an aggregator of user complaints about immoral Chinese web pages. The complaints are presented in a way familiar to users of Digg, where users vote to determine what appears at the top of the home page. On however, they vote for web pages that contain 'offensive' content.

The site also contains serious sounding messages about protecting the good morals and healthy development of the youth, and links to online government services for reporting 'unhealthy' websites.

But there is something a little fishy about a system that pushes links to the filthiest content to the top of the page.

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Comments on Digging for porn in China

i think this site will attract many eyeballs as you know, some Chinese are quite good at doing such evil things under justicial names.

Gotta give him credit for coming up with an apparently legitimate way to run a porn portal. Now I wonder if saohuang will be swept away... Perhaps it should be at the top of its own list precisely because of all the links it provides. people know where to look for juicy stuff :D

Can I just say that has just become MY favorite site!? It should "digg" itself.

Oh wait, somebody already made that comment. And here I thought I was so clever.

it may get more hits than any other webpage. even ppl dont know those porn webpages, after they log on the, they will know.

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