Dissing on China's big companies, from The Economist

Huawei, Lenovo, Haier, Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp (SAIC), and TCL: The Economist reviews some of the stars of Chinese capitalism and finds them wanting, concluding that "China has so far failed to build world-class companies."

The article is here.

Note: the article says that one of the "nimbler rivals" of SAIC is Chery, the brand recently in the news for a deal with Visionary Vehicles to sell their cars in the US. As far as Danwei is aware, Chery is owned or controlled by SAIC. Corrections or more info welcome at jeremy @

UPDATE: zhwj writes: Last year (well, two years ago) there were rumors of disharmony, and then a formal announcement:

20% equity sold to mystery buyer: SAIC and Chery's short lived marriage ends;

More recently:

SAIC formally announces separation from Chery already complete: SAIC Group Chery Automobile Co. Ltd. changes name to Chery Automobile Ltd. Co. .

(Both articles are in Chinese)

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