Cops and lady boys

An old Danwei post called China's first police blog is the third result on a Google search for 'China police'.

So every now and then, we get desperate pleas for help from poor foreign sods that have been ripped off by Chinese companies, such as this comment left today:

We were been cheated by Chen XX from XX Industrial Co.Ltd. What can we do to ensure others don't get cheated by this company?

The police blog linked on the Danwei post above is still going strong, with the most recent entry on July 7 showing photos of police anti-terrorist drills.

The other type of drive by comments we get is spam. Most of it is simply annoying, but occasionally there is an interesting one, such as this comment, left on the post Travelling lady boy (Danwei is top Google result for lady boy China):

Everyone good:I am Tina the Taiwanese student abroad that studies in Shanghai. It is a SHEMALE identity currently. Very happy understanding everyone.Own the good character and the image of the grace, have no bad habit, hope to spend fine time with you. Oneself of height 170-55-23, plentiful full,sexy,black long hair.

As the Chinese saying goes, a big forest contains all types of birds (林子大,什么鸟都有).

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maybe contains all Chinese news at all.....maybe.

So now you also do advertising for ladyboys? Why don't you put the rates and contact number as well... :)

And about companies getting ripped on the internet, I'm just amazed of how easily that can be done and if they come to cry about it here, that confirms my belief of how stupid they must be.

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