Guoxue and online exhibitionism

The movement to revitalize traditional learning is well on its way to success now that it has a pin-up girl.

Bai Luming, a 19-year-old student at the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts, claims to be a 53rd-generation descendant of the poet Bai Juyi.

I've asked people, do you know what my greatest talent is? Their reply: I don't know. My greatest talent is seduction, and not even Confucius is out of the question. Confucius said "Appetite for food and sex is human nature"; If I go to relieve his thousands of years of loneliness, he'll definitely be pleased."

"Guoxue Spice Girl", as she is known, posts samples of her poetry to demonstrate her commitment to guoxue, as well as photos of herself imitating Britney Spears to demonstrate her commitment to seduction. The photo above was taken in a Confucian temple.

Here's her mission statement:

I am traditional, because I come from a grand traditional family
I am lofty, because I have devoted myself to guoxue
I am charming, because I am a pretty girl
I am proud, because I have a great, great body
I dance to soar above the world
I throw out my chest to show off my assets
I shake my hips to move my ass
I toss my head in reckless abandon

Prevailing attitudes online: it's all probably just a bunch of self-promotion, but she's sure easier on the eyes than Sister Hibiscus.

Lots more pictures at Daqi, along with two videos.

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That's the best looking 53rd descendent of a poet I've ever seen. Tell me, my Chinese isn't good enough. Is she poet enough to have a brand of pig feed named after her?
(link pig food poet)

i love u

Poor misguided young fool. But what a GREAT set of hoooooters!! Thanks!

So much for a humble culture...

Where do I sign up for classes?

This girl is tallented.
I guess it is not really important if she is a descendant of Bai Juyi, becaue she is very attractive.

Thank you for sharing this story with me !

LazyAussie:You mean who is more famous between Qu Yuan and Bai Juyi? Ofcourse,the former.

one thing you will never see (but should) in Bai Luming's Mission Statement: I am beautiful and have a pretty face.

one thing you could well read (but won't)in Bai Luming's Mission Statetment: I am innovative and prefer to wear my socks on my hands

ps. click the links and see the pics of this young lady. surely even poetry can manage a better pin up than this? She makes Sister Hibiscus look good, and I never thought that possible

I agree with Mike....come on people, really look at her, she is totally "beat" (meaning the opposite of good looking) - lets not lower the bar bc we are slobbering, tasteless white guys in China and she has that lame, over-rated "asian mystique" thing going on - she is objectively not good looking....more importantly though, her schtick is unoriginal and insulting to generations/descendents past...I am growing more and more fearful of the future of this country because of mindlessness like this. For the sake of humanity and the advancement of worthwhile modern Chinese pop culture, I beg you Bai Luming, please stop.

Prof. app.

PS: you need braces, badly.

PSS: I am disappointed in Danwei for posting this stuff...I mean, if covering the Chinese youth culture beat is part of your gig, there is a ton of more compelling, interesting fodder out there. Are you guys loosing your edge?

53rd generation. After 53 generations, even I (a foreigner) am probably a descendant of Bai Juyi. Assuming every generation had slightly less than 2 offspring, that equals the population of the planet.

That girl really slaps on the makeup. Nice tummy and rack, though.

Her talents are obvious. I wonder what the 54th generation will look like. Probably two Hindenburgs stapled to a Chinese Barbie doll.

Was that mean-spirited? Sorry; been a long week. Well, there's always room for one more girl with a great rack on the Internet. God bless technology.

Makeup aside, she seems to have some nice equipment.

And it's curious, while you're wondering whether is blocked in China, I'm wondering whether is blocked in the US. Half those links you've posted are dead here.

Matt, sorry you can't access all of the wonders of Ms. Bai's blog - she's been introducing readers to the different styles of dance that she's learned at the Academy. Today was Ghetto...

I'm somewhat disturbed by the fact that Chinese underwear technology seems to have hoodwinked so many commenters.

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