Fake Zhang Ziyi image on state-owned website


The picture on the left has been doing the rounds of the Chinese Internet.

It purports to be froma GQ article about Zhang Ziyi. It has been circulating by email, but has also been reproduced on various websites, such as which is run by the state-owned Central People's Radio Station. The Cnradio article, which you can find here, justifies its reproduction of the image by saying that it is still uncertain whether the image is a fake.


However a careful comparison with the second image, which comes from the March 2001 issue of GQ's International Chinese edition shows that the above image is merely a sloppy photoshop. The original GQ image can be found on this Netease page here; ESWN has also has a post about this issue here.

There are currently 2 Comments for Fake Zhang Ziyi image on state-owned website.

Comments on Fake Zhang Ziyi image on state-owned website

i never expected ziyi to be photographed so provocatively but what the hell! i like it.

so obviously a fake. the person in top picture has 'man hand' syndrome. zhang does not. s/he also has boobs. zhang does not.

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