Female blogger publishes nude pics, BBS noise ensues


Yesterday Baidu's second fastest climbing search term was liumang yan zhaopian (流氓燕 照片) or 'Hooligan Swallow photos'. That's 'swallow' as in bird.

Liumang Yan is the Internet name of a middle-aged female blogger who has recently been compared to Muzi Mei because she writes frankly about sex and men.

In Liumang Yan's case, much of the fuss has been about the nude photos of herself she posted on her blog. There was other stuff on her blog too: one section was named Female Lechers' Society, apparently devoted to helping women get laid, but also avoid being sexually harassed by men they don't want.

Her writing and her nude photos have caused the usual debates on Chinese Internet forums: there are people who see her as a feminist model, there are people who think she's got a hot body, and there are people who think she is a just an ugly hussy.

Liumang Yan first came to this writer's attention yesterday. Her blog was still available, even though the famous photos were not easy to find. Today, trying to access her blog results in a message telling you that the blog is not open to the public. Her name has also disappeared (or been disappeared) from Baidu's top search terms.

Bye-bye Liumang Yan. But the photos are out there in cyberspace already, on various Internet forums and even on the Tianya server itself, which is where the image reproduced here comes from.

There is also another blog called Liumang Yan on the Blochina host, which includes a section called mei 'ri' yi ji (每“日”一记), which means 'a record of each day' but is also a pun meaning 'a record of each fuck'. However, it seems that this blog has not been updated since 2004, so perhaps Hooligan Swallow has been getting less action than one might think.

- Tianya server: Photo of Liumang Yan; - Liumang Yan's defunct blog
- Blogchina server: Liumang Yan blog - not updated
- BBS posts with Liumang Yan photos and comments (in Chinese)
- Baidu: Search results for Liumang Yan photo (lots of links to commentary about her on various websites)
- Baidu image search: Liumang Yan
- Baidu top seaches

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