Gang of Four: third member dies


Xinhua reported today that Zhang Chunqiao, member of the Gang of Four, died on April 21 in Shanghai. He had been given medical parole from his life jail sentence in 1998.

As part of the Gang of Four — together with Yao Wenyuan, Wang Hongwen and Mao Zedong's wife Jiang Qing — Zhang was blamed as a prime culprit for the chaos of the Cultural Revolution.

Yao is the only surviving member of the Gang. He lives in Shanghai where he has also been granted medical parole.

- The image is an anti-Gang of Four poster, taken from Stefan Landsberger's Propaganda Pages (Zhang is the top right head in the poster)
- Xinhua: Zhang Chunqiao dies of illness (in Chinese)
- Wikipedia: Gang of Four (includes links to individual bios)

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