Guns, lost sons and Lei Feng condoms

Tanks and bombs for kids

• John Pasden's Sinosplice blog has a post titled Military Weaponry for Kids. It's about the advanced military vocabulary found in a children's book.

• Virtual China has a post about a journalist using Molive (a photo and video sharing site) to publicize the pleas of a man seeking his son by sitting on a Nanjing street with a sign asking for help.

• A company selling Lei Feng brand condoms in Ningbo has been ordered by the Ningbo Industrial and Commercial Bureau to stop selling a range of sex products branded with Lei and other communist icons. Justin Mitchell at Asia Sentinel wrote about the Commie condoms; yesterday The Shanghai Daily reported their banning.

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Thanks for the link. If you click through to the individual pages, it can be a useful learning resource for those looking to brush up on their Chinese vocab on artillery.

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