Hair Child is here!


China's newest media sensation Yu Zhenhuan (26) is the world's hairiest man, according to the 2002 Guiness Book of Records. Yu was born in a village in the northeastern Chinese province of Liaoning. He became famous at the age of six when he starred in a movie called "Hair Child gets the treasure" and has been called Hair Child ever since.


He has been performing as a singer since his early teens, appearing in televised variety shows and concerts in cities around China. hair Child has been in the news recently after an operation to remove hair growing inside his ears that was dramatically affecting his hearing. Hair Child has a website, complete with articles from the press in Chinese and a language that resembles English, TV clips, and a photo gallery. The images reproduced here were taken from Hair Child's site. The lower image shows him dressed in 'African' style leopard skin clothing, having a face off with a panda bear.

Hair Child is here. There is a Xinhua story on him, with photos during and after the operation here.

Thanks to Kaiser Kuo for the Hair Child link. Hair Child first spotted on Peking Duck.

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