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Some large and successful companies have odd names, such as the marketing and communications behemoth WPP, whose acronym name stands for Wire and Plastic Products. But here is news of a company that had a truly weird name, considering the industry it has been trying to get involved in: Hairmax

Well Hair today, China Digital tomorrow. The below is from a press release on PR Newswire:

The company announced today that it had changed its name from ''Hairmax International, Inc.'' to ''China Digital Media Corporation,'' and that the NASDAQ Stock Market has awarded the company the trading symbol of ''CDGT'...

...The change of name reflects a pending merger with Arcotect Digital Technology Ltd., a corporation headquartered in Hong Kong... Arcotect is engaged in the business of Cable TV operations, digital television technology development and trading of TV contents in China.

Arcotect is the sole contractor and operator of digital television services in Nanhai, a city in the Guangdong province of China. The company migrated more than 100,000 subscribers from analog television to digital television service in 2004. The service requires a subscriber to install a digital set-top box which enable the operator to provide multiple tiers of pay-TV services contain up to 800 TV channels of varies type of content...

...''We are excited on the change of name. It more accurately reflects the nature of the soon to be acquired operations in the media industry,'' said Daniel Chi Shing Ng, Chairman and CEO of China Digital Media Corporation. ''We plan to duplicate the successful model achieved in Nanhai into other cities in China.

The former Hairmax is a Nevada registered corporation. The press release quoted above is dated April 1, so maybe the whole thing is a joke.

PR Newswire: China Digital Media Corporation Announces Its Change of Corporate Identity

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