Hitler cadre asked to shave mustache

A government official in Baoji City
, Shaanxi, has been asked by his superiors to shave off his mustache.

Chao Baosheng, a minor official whose resemblance to Hitler is made clear in this Photoshop image reproduced here, has long known about his resemblance to Hitler. In fact, for several years he has been collecting images of Hitler and Nazi memorabilia, and mimicking Hitler as a party trick for his friends.

However, when he grew a toothbrush mustache, one his seniors at his government office asked him to shave it off, because looking like the Nazi leader was "unsuited to his position as a cadre of the country". Chao complied with the request.

Note that some people in China have some odd beliefs about Hitler: your correspondent has heard the same person say how wonderful Jews are and then, in almost the same breath, express admiration for Hitler because he was a "strong leader".

You can find the whole story (in Chinese) on China West News (source of above image).

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