Internet mobs hunt Accord Girl

The Chinese Internet is a non-stop source of entertainment if you like following fads, enraged Internet mobs and scandalous young ladies. Here is the latest scandal; thankfully, no one has yet applied the suffix '-gate' to the affair:

A young woman who seems to be a white collar worker in Beijing has been posting videos of herself sitting at a desk discussing various aspects of her life:

- How she thinks anyone who earns less than 3,000 yuan a month is a loser (i.e. most people in China);
- Her disgust with uncouth migrant workers;
- Her love for Japanese cars; her collection of cars and why she drives a Honda Accord when she visits the beuaty salon;
- A boyfriend of hers who has spent hundreds of thousands of yuan on clothes and gifts for her.

You can only see the lower half of her face in the videos. Most of them seem to be shot in an office using a webcam. Her Net name is 雅阁女 or Accord Girl.

Below is a spoof video that combines selections from several of Accord Girl's videos with footage of Bill Gates speaking in Chinese, criticizing Accord Girl.

Accord Girl's videos are on the website Qing Yule. While some Chinese Net people are trying to find out Accord Girl's real identity, others believe that the whole affair has been created by Qing Yule to attract attention to their site. Others are claiming that Accord Girl is a plot by Honda's competitors to attach negative associations to the brand. Other Net rumors are claiming that Honda has already asked the police to look into it in Guangzhou and that if it is found to be a malicious act by a company, Accord Girl and other people involved could face up to 15 years in jail.

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The whole Toyota thing is a bit odd. The Accord is built by Honda.

[EDITOR'S NOTE (JG): Thanks -- that was a mistake on my part, since corrected.]

Mobs is a bit of an exaggeration, no?


hahaha. people must get really bored in internet cafes

New Conspiracy: Is this always the same girl? Maybe it's one or more non-Chinese girls lip-sinc'ing for someone else, someone who doesn't like poor Chinese people and who loves Japanese cars...

This whole controversy proves the immaturity of the mob. What a bunch of babies. She's a jerk, yes. So ignore her. In America, when people say loud obnoxious crap, how do we react? We don't, we ignore them, because they're not worth our time.

Well, it's illegal in the USA to put someone in prison for fifteen years over this. It seems quite humorous to me that this chick is boasting that her boyfriends spend a few thousand bucks on her and how awesome the Accord is. Hahaha Accord. That was my high school car. 2/3 of Chinese live on less than 8 yuan per day. Why would 3,000/month be so crucial? Ahh, ya' gotta' love Chinese capitalism.

So, did they eventually find out who this was? Was it a corporate-funded prank?

Honda Accord, 糟...姑娘想舒服来我的BMW吧...很想排排你的屁股...

Obviously a fake...

This is obviously fake, Accord is a cheap brand and nothing to be proud of, she just needs attention and people are giving it to her... cussing in the internet just shows how bored and rude responders are, this is all a trick, and thousands fall into it

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