Is blocked in China? has been behaving as though it's blocked all day. is fine.

UPDATE: Judging from the comments, is accessible to most people in Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai, but has been acting funny lately. It seems China's Net Nanny is trying out some new tricks.

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Google's working for me (residential Netcom DSL, Dongcheng district) at the moment, but it's been seriously flatulent for the last couple of days.

I haven't been having any problems. Maybe Danwei is being singled out for its sexalicious content.

It's absolutely fine at the moment - accessed from Shanghai.

Same here in Guangzhou. Looks first like I'm being redirected to the state food and drug administration bureau, but then all stops and left with blank white page.

I just pulled Full Strength (no .cn) up fine from Shenzhen.

Not loading in Shanghai (Thursday morning, 8:30am).

Was problematic all day yesterday here as well.

I have no problem with in Shenzhen.

Haven't had any problems at my apartment or office in Beijing...

It's leo in Beijing..
From my company's network, I could not access to, but my friends at told me they can ..

Really bothering.

In Nanjing using Vnet dial-up ADSL. I haven't noticed any hiccups at any time over the last week.

No problems with in Nanjing.

Beijing...Google has been terrible for a week now, but it varies from computer to computer: My home is not so bad, work is terrible, and Google News is a big no-no. But Gmail seems fine. Myspace is apparently screwed up as well, people are unable to update their profiles at the moment.

Here, DaQing HLJ Province, the access to is ok. but to is not; it says"
"Google Error
Server Error
The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.
Please try again in 30 seconds. "

I blamed a few days ago the FLG who spammed me with emails that would certainly catch the eye of the keyword filter:
When I use their proxy it is mostly alright, although the systems gets a bit overworked now and then. Does not explain why my bloglines also acts strangely.

Interesting, Fons. I got about five of those a few days ago as well.'s working for me again now, but's on the fritz.

Google has been off and on for the last few days here in Guangxi. It was OK this morning when I first read this entry , but is inaccessible now.

Gmail is fine.

I am blocked

Beijing - Google has been off and on all week.

Even had problems with Yahoo and Yahoo mail.

It appears that some "testing" is going on.

Google wont open when its set as the firefox homepage, or even from the Google search box, however, other English speaking countries' own Google variant seems to be working fine i.e.

Has someone ever set up a bulletin board where people living in China post what sites they have trouble accessing and which ones they do not?

I've had some problems accessing some subdomains: I can log into MySpace but it seems every subdomain is blocked here in Liaoning Province where I live. On YouTube I've been able to access most everything, but some of the sorting functions almost always seem to time out.

On Google, I've did several searches on Google News and when I tried to link onto the resulting articles they timed out. That has been off and on here recently.

i emailed myspace about the blocked profiles, they said they're 'working on it'

Been off at China Daily offices for at least a week. fine as usual though.. And what happened to Wikipedia? It was available for a few days a couple of weeks back and then... nothing.

Wiki's working for me still.

Anyone noticed weirdness using a Gmail address to send to mainland e-mail addresses like of E-mails disappearing or returning unreceived, etc.

can anyone respond to messages on myspace china? i can get a message but not respond to it

myspace is acting weird since like a month now, profiles can still be viewed by enterring the URL, which means you need to know the URL of every profile you want to visit......My bookmarks are getting FAT

Yup, wikipedia is out of action, porno is sporadic, and I can't look at my profile, or anyone else's for that matter, on Myspace. AAAAAAARGH

my friend Matt did some research on Tibet for her girlfriend a few months ago, and after he logged onto some sites with sharp remarks and criticisms on China, his computer was blocked from google for a whole week!!! those who can still log onto (not cn), give it a go and see what's gonna happen~~

Not working in Shenzhen right now...

I can not access in Beijing on Mar-23

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