James Bond parking machine invented in Sichuan


Engineers at Sichuan University in Chengdu have applied for a patent for a device that they should call the Clean Green Parking Machine, but which they have named 'Green Belt Subsiding Freestanding Rise and Fall Garage' or 'Green Invisible Garage' for short.

According to a Xinhua report about the device, it will help create new parking space in cities where there are too many cars and not enough places to park them, a problem that most Chinese cities are starting to face.

Additionally, the 'green' roof of the machine can be used to grow 'lawn, fresh flowers or small trees', which will contribute to meeting green belt requirements that some city governments are starting to implement.

The Clean Green Parking Machines will cost between 40 and 45 thousand yuan each, including installation.

LINK: Information and image taken from Xinhua: Sichuan University develops Green 'Invisible' Garage; to be sold for about RMB 40,000 (in Chinese)
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