Juiced-up Nanny

The ESWN blog has published a translation, with commentary, of an article by a man whose name is probably on many Chinese filter blacklists. The article is a booster piece for three pieces of software that allow people in China to get around the Nanny.

ESWN is not blocked in China, but this particular post will not load here. The awful Nanny is getting good at fine tuning. Thanks for nothing Nanny!

ESWN translation
ESWN translation via proxy

UPDATE: Journalist Fons Tuinstra emails from Shanghai that there is no block on the page in that city.

UPDATE: Dave, who maintains Musing Under The Tenement Palms, the only Xinjiang-based English language blog I know of, writes:

Not blocked in Urumqi either, where every single one of us is a heroin-injecting, Han-baby-eating, scary Muslim splittist! I'd say the nanny is, in general, not very effective.
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