Kim Jong Il's son sighted in Beijing - photos

Kim Junior does not look hungry
The website of Fox News has a story with photos about Kim Jong Il's son, whose movements have recently been the subject of some speculation in the Western press. Excerpt:
North Korean leader's son arrives in Beijing

The flamboyant eldest son of North Korea's reclusive leader arrived in China's capital Sunday from the Chinese gambling enclave of Macau.

Japanese television crews spotted Kim Jong Nam at Capital International Airport. His appearance in Beijing sparked interest among North Korea watchers, coming as the United States and North Korea were discussing Pyongyang's nuclear weapons programs across town...

...Communist North Korea is highly secretive and rarely releases details about its leadership. Hong Kong and Japanese media reported last month that the 35-year-old Kim has been living in Macau...

Note: the image is reproduced from the Fox website, where it is credited to AP / Kyodo News

Update: South Korea's Chosunilbo reports:

Kim Jong-il’s Son Locks Himself Away at Beijing Hotel

Kim Jong-nam, the eldest son of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il, spent Monday locked in his room in the Kempinski Hotel on Dongsanhuan Road in Bejing, across the road from the South Korean Embassy. North Korean officials in Beijing commented that Kim stays at the Kunlun or Kempinski Hotel whenever he visits the Chinese capital. The Kunlun Hotel is across Dongsanhuan Road to the west of the South Korean Embassy...

...Kim Jong-nam arrived in Beijing from Macau by direct flight on Sunday. He reportedly plans to fly to Pyongyang on North Korea’s Koryo Air at 11:30 a.m. Tuesday to celebrate his father’s 64th birthday on Friday. He spoke in English to a reporter from Japanese broadcaster Fuji TV at a shopping center in Beijing on Sunday evening, where Kim said he meets his father occasionally and freely visits North Korea...

...Kim said he was aware of ongoing six-party talks on North Korea’s nuclear program in Beijing but had no personal interest in the issue ... Fuji TV said the black Mercedes Benz Kim uses in Beijing is registered in the name of his wife Shin Jong-hi.

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I'm not sure I would classify Fox News as Western "press". Keith Oberman at MSNBC constantly addresses it as the "Fox Noise Channel". Ha! It's not much better than many of the Chinese official mouthpieces when it comes to propagnada.

uh i think kim is a crazy guy and someone should do something about him and his nuclear power

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