Filtering software: parents worried about their children

Unhealthy Information! Filtered!

The new government requirement that Green Dam-Youth Escort web filtering software be installed on all new PCs sold in China starting July 1 made newspapers today on the mainland after, and has continued to generate controversy online. See ESWN for a roundup of user complaints about the software itself.

Here are a few thoughts on the software initiative from "Long Journey into Death," the blog of author Fei Dao:

Nonsense News: It's not a filter, it's a sales push

by Fei Dao

Qin Gang said, "Do you know what sort of software this is? I think you do. This software is called 'Green Dam-Youth Escort,' and is software that screens and filters pornographic, obscene, and violent information on the Internet. I'd like to ask you another question. Do you have kids? If you have a child, or if you'll have children in the future, I think you'll understand the worries and concerns that all parents have toward the spread of harmful information on the Internet."

According to information recently made public by MIIT, starting on July 1, all computers produced for sale within China's borders must have the green Internet filtering software known as Green Dam-Youth Escort installed before leaving the factory. Imprted computers sold in the country must also install the software. Foreign media outlets distorted the measure, intended to protect the general public, twisting it into "the government's attempt to control Internet users."

Free associations:

1. The term "the people's son," used in the previous century, is not found much today, but we're actually all children. Above us are our parents, and parents have to protect their children's youth.

2. Foreign countries have children too, but because they don't install Escort software, foreigners are free to come into contact with pornographic, obscene, and violent information from a young age, so they are all so fearsome. This is a foreign characteristic, and we must be vigilant, particularly for our classmates who spend time overseas.

3. Foreigners harbor malicious motives. Our parents have never controlled us, they've only provided guidance.

4. July 1 is our parents' birthday. Selecting that date is not accidental. Bad children who want to be degenerate should hurry to buy computers now. This will drive domestic consumption. This, therefore, may be a kind of sales push....

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Comments on Filtering software: parents worried about their children

"Foreign media outlets distorted the measure, ... twisting it into "the government's attempt to control Internet users.""

Why does Qin Gang hate foreigners? (Who happen to be on the mark, btw)


It's a Windows executable. Here's hoping a GNU/Linux version isn't developed.

If it works without infringing on legitimate clean wholesome informative sites it is probably a good thing. I predict kids will be given even more unsupervised computer time...maybe too much?

I can't decide if Qin Gang or Jiang Yu is the more loathsome MOFA spokesperson.

'parental control' can already be set-up on any pc produced or bought in any part of the world.
So, since it was available, do you mean to say that parents whom have never used such 'control' before are not responsible parents?
I am responsible enough to tell my son what he can search & see and to explain him what is bad, what is good. He is experiencing and making his own opinion, under my supervision.

please look at TIMES or GUARDIAN(june/11) today if you want to see if Western parents are worried about pornography.....OF COURSE WE WANT TO PROTECT OUR CHILDREN FROM THE VILE TIDES OF FILTH THAT SWAMP THE INTERNET....computers should NOT be used as market place for pornography, how else are we to teach children anything at all unless we set SOME sort of standard ? May as well tell them anything is acceptable..WHY?..because it's on the internet it must be ok.

I too agree that I feel fearsome quite often. I hope that the new software to restrict what we see on the dangerous Internet keeps everyone from feeling fearsome. We often cannot think for ourselves and therefore without the guidance of our parent government we shall feel fearsome all the time!!

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