Longest hair in China, North Korean capitalism, British tabloids make lousy puns, Chinese immigrants protest outsourcing to China

Some links to entertain you:

British tabloid The Inquirer: Beijing doesn't want anyone Peking at uncensored telly
A tale in tabloid style, complete with awful puns:

In just two days' time, Eutelsat will pull the plug on transmissions of fledgling Chinese-language satellite channel NTDTV - not because the TV station has done anything wrong, but because Beijing doesn't want its shores polluted by anything it can't censor.

NK Zone: From Juche to Just Do It
Against the odds, North Korea begins race for sports sponsorship

AP: Chinese Immigrant Workers [in US] Protest Loss of Jobs to China

The People's Daily: A Chinese woman with the longest hair
The 2005 China (Juancheng City) International Festival of Human Hair Conditions in Heze, Shandong Province.

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