Meaningless or bad-word topics

What's Ming is a blog written in English by a Chinese guy who seems to be a student at Tsinghua University. He has posted a review of the recent crackdown on that university's popular SMTH Internet forum:

And now, there are little users on SMTH. Most of them kept on posting meaningless or bad-word topics. It’s the anniversary day of the greatest university in China. Lots of alumni return in this sunny windy day. They look happy, excited and successful. But for the students still studying in Tsinghua, it’s one of the worst anniversary. In a month, they witness the greatest, most harmonious technical BBS turns into a disordered desert. They log in SMTH, and they know after their graduation, they will never be able to log into it again.

What's Ming: What’s going on after the crackdown?
Found via the excellent ESWN blog

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Can someone give me any website for all the bad word in English ??

if yes can you send it to

thank you

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