Men behind the Nanny

The Publicity Department (formerly known as the Propaganda Department) has held a "forum" in Beijing to promote what it calls "news editorial staff management regulations (in testing phase)". These regulations appear to be same the set of rules earlier reported on Danwei of which the stated intent is to clear up corrupt journalistic practices.

Well, whatever you say Nanny.

But proving that the old dear is trying to show a human face or three, here are some of the key speakers at the event, courtesy of Xinhua. Click on their names to see short biographies from China Vitae, which is an online database of government big shots.


This is Liu Yunshan, Minister and head of the Publicity Department.


This is Tian Congming, Director of Xinhua News Agency. (His name literally means Intelligent Field, or perhaps Field Intelligence.)


This is Wang Chen, Director of the People's Daily Press.

Xinhua: Central Publicity Department holds "news editorial staff management regulations (in testing phase)" forum (captions in Chinese)

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