Monday morning reading

TechNewWorld reports:

Baidu and eBay announced a multi-year agreement to cooperate in advertising, on-line payment and a co-branded toolbar in China. This agreement provides Baidu advertisers with access to one of the most robust on-line communities in China, said a spokesperson with Baidu.

• Deutsche Welle Radio's annual blog competition — The Bobs — is over. The winner of the best Chinese blog is Shu Weicao's Huahua Shijie (Sensual World), a blog about food and dining. Mu Zimei won the award for best podcast. Links: list of winners, Huahua Shijie, Mu Zimei's podcast, Danwei TV Mu Zimei interview.

• Raymond Zhou in The China Daily looks at the hypocrisy of "the moral warriors ... jumping up and down in a carnival of denunciation" at news from Shaanxi about an ayi hiring service that also offered bed-sharing services: Moral worries mad about maid advert.

• Dog lovers of Beijing organized a protest on Saturday against limits on dog ownership in the capital. The police broke up the protest. The Washington Post has a story about the dog protests, and ESWN has summed up some other media coverage. In other riot news, the New York Times reports that some 2,000 people mobbed a hospital after a child died of poisoning because the hospital wanted fees before treating him.

• The China Daily has published a story titled Lesbian hotline available. It's not what you think it is; excerpt:

After launching China's first free hotline for gay men, the Chiheng Foundation in Shanghai will offer a similar service later this month for lesbians.

The new hotline is aimed at both lesbians and women confused about their sexuality.

It begins operating on November 25...

...The hotline will be available between 2 pm to 4 pm every Saturday at 800-988-929, or 021-6380-4448 from mobile phones. "We will try to answer all legal, psychological and medical questions that confuse lesbians," Shen said.

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