More on Chinese attitudes towards the war in Iraq

Shanghainese blogger Bingfeng Tea House accuses Danwei of "media brainwashing" by publication of certain comments about the freeing of the Chinese hostages in Iraq:

from what [is] portraited for us we will draw the conclusion without any hesitation that chinese (or at least "chinese cyberspace") just hate americans and japanese so much that they support those terrorists that kidnapped their fellows.

but wait a minute, if you go to visit the sina bbs on this topic, you will find that most of the comments are not targeting on americans or japanese, nor on the war there, even not on the kidnappers, besides of those who feel relieved and expresse their thanks to the government, critics focuses on the local Fujian government and the central government, asking why they let the same mistake happened again.

Then again: B, the reader who submitted the translated comments, had this to say:

Well, there are hundreds of pages at Sina and I only chose those I think hilariously funny... I reviewed Sina's comment page and my selection again. Everyone can check Sina to see whether the posts I quoted are a small fraction, or a significant part of all.

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