More rumbles from MySpace about entering China

Here comes China Internet comedy show of 2007 — MySpace still wants to come to China. The is from Austalian IT:

News ponders MySpace China

NEWS Corp said it could launch a version of its popular MySpace internet social network in China during this fiscal year, if it found the right joint venture partner...

..."We've had some conversations," chief operating officer Peter Chernin said.
"It's possible, if we can find some joint venture that makes sense," he said.

The possible timeline on MySpace's China ambitions comes on the heels of an announcement on Tuesday that News Corp has struck a joint venture deal with Softbank to launch a version of MySpace in Japan.

Undoubtedly, News Corp has the financial clout, experience and Murdoch deal-sniffing ability to enter the China market, but it's going to be a very rough ride. Everybody loves to watch a 900 pound gorilla being jerked around, so China Internet and business journalists are likely to enjoy the coming show.

In some ways, the show has already begun. Some functions of the international MySpace, such as looking at other users' profiles, already seem to be blocked or difficult to access in China.

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I reckon Murdoch would better spend his time worrying about how to make MySpace's business in the US sustainable. The site has been beginning to hemorrhage users as it becomes more commercial and a bit seedier. True, it seems to be running replacement rate, but it remains to be seen whether that keeps up.

Meanwhile, I expect that they would face the same fate as other high-profile US Internet brands if they were launch here: dismal business complemented by a PR thwacking back home as they make the inevitable changes to suit Chinese regulatory requirements.

All that said, I can't wait --cannot wait-- to watch them try.

Damn, that sucks, cause irreasonable shit haps. Ya know, I am currently staying in China, and this stuff looks idiotic - what's the purpose, limitation of access to them chinese? Damn, I can't dig it. No way

I am an expat here. How can you make myspace work again? I was using before but now thats not working as well.

What about people who are expats? We can even access the international site any longer. One world dream- yeah right? So people are too lazy to learn another language we all have to suffer? I keep in touch with my family and friends on there. I can't write to any one now!

Warning: I do not know anything about this since I never worked at this problem...

You can try this: link

You can also try setting up an SSH server then ssh tunnel through that. Because I doubt they would block connection to you own server, i.e some random server on the internet.

Don't quote me on this if I was going to do this I would make it work by doing research, but I'm not doing it. Maybe if I ever move to China I will. When I vacation in China I completely stay off the net.

SSH tunneling is really easy to setup, read this:

for a more detailed discussion:

The only caveat is that you need Linux.

Linux is so easy to use man, you should try it. Try

It's very very easy to use!! It's much better than windows too.

But Linux is hard to use because you have to type in commands says you. You don't have to use the command line if you don't want to! It's gotten very user friendly of late. For example if you want to install SQUID mentioned above to setup a proxy server you would use this graphical tool called Synaptic. All you do is click on Systems->Administration->Synaptic, then search SQUID, then click on update! It's installed! You can pretty much install anything this way, no need to EVER open up the command console!

Give a Linux a try. Setting up a home server is a piece of cake! Note however, if you are on a dynamic IP ISP (i.e cable modem) you need to setup dynamic DNS.

There are free services offering for this.

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