MSN Messenger & Toyota Earthquake Donation Campaign

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Related to yesterday's post, MSN together with Toyota (Guangzhou) has launched a one-for-one donation campaign. For every MSN Messenger user that changes their screen-name to "(R) 彩虹连心 支援灾区" [trans (rough): Rainbow of United Hearts, Supporting & Assisting the Disaster Area], MSN will donate RMB 0.10 toward the effort to rebuild schools and the local education system in Sichuan / Wenchuan; Toyota matches MSN's donations.

Link here for details about the campaign. At the time of publishing, the campaign had already raised / donated RMB 160,047.60 [800,238 users x 0.20]. Digital corporate social responsibility, bravo!

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Comments on MSN Messenger & Toyota Earthquake Donation Campaign


I think that's a wonderful idea and did it just after I read about it. Hope it helps the people over there and wish we have something like that for the vicitms in Myanmar (Birma).

you will need to put '(R)' only :)

I read that it's only for MSN users in China. I'm in Singapore though. Does that mean that if I put the rainbow there it will not be counted and no donation will be made to the victims?

Will this work for non-MSN China users?

I'm changing my msn name to "(R) 彩虹连心 支援灾区" now! Ya,it is a good idea. I hope more and more people will join this campaign to help the victims.

does it work for msn users that are not in China?


(R) 彩虹连心 支援灾区. It's a great idea, just that I'm unable to copy and paste to my msn nick. I've no idea why.

That will make those Olympic red guards to forfeit their annoying "[heart] china" on their MSN name. Good move, Microsoft.

I'm Changing the Name no Matter wat,
As least More people Can SEE and when more people see it, MAYBE it will help~

How long is this event going to last? I wonder if I am too late to put a (R) now.

Has any1 thought about how Toyota is supposed to know if we got a Rainbow on our MSN ID or not? And how long we keep it there for?

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