Mu Zi Mei in the New York Times

The international press comes to the Mu Zi Mei party, several weeks late:

In the New York Times: Internet Sex Column Thrills, and Inflames, China
The only new information the Grey Lady unearths is this:
"[Mu Zi Mei] also said the controversy had cramped her social life: she has, she said, been celibate for two weeks."

Singapore's Straights Times I mean Straits Times headline their story 'China's sex rebel'

Expect a story in The Guardian soon too: Chinese blogger Topku reports on the six degrees of separation between a Guardian journalist and Mu Zi Mei, with the blogger himself at one remove from the journalist.

Also in China, Broadband Entertainment, a website that offers movie downlaods paid for by charging users' mobile phone accounts, gets in on the Googlefest by anthologizing Mu Zi Mei's writing here.

UPDATE: Peking Duck and Brainysmurf were all over the New York times before Danwei.

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