Much ado about nothing

The teacher who supposedly posted nude photos of herself to her 'zhu ying qing tong' blog is still in the news, despite the fact that the photos wouldn't shock a Baptist granny.


Here is a China West News report from which the above photo was ripped. More on this piece of media puffery on Brainysmurf, and on Danwei.

Thanks again to Shanghai Eye for pointing out this story that just won't die, and for campaigning against the global scourge on humanity known as golf.

Also from Shangai Eye, commentary on the amazing fact that Chinese people have sex:

"Many westerners, weened on decades of Cold War propaganda, are often surprised to find that people in China actually have sex drives. Novice reporters tend to begin their stints in Shanghai or Beijing hanging around in the dirtier corners of the local entertainment industry, interviewing masseuses and hairdressers and KTV hostesses before telling the world, in breathless tones, that China is the new Babylon."

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