Muzi Mei resurfaces


Muzi Mei, real name Li Li, rose to a brief but far-reaching notoriety in the last few months of 2003. Writing from Guangzhou, she kept a blog where she described sexual encounters with various men, including a well known rock musician.

Her online diary stirred up an online fusswhich got the attention of the print media, but she was thrown off the gossip pages of the tabloids when the old farts (who control everything around here) caught on to the action and issued some of ban on media coverage of her. She has been absent from the media since the first few months of this year.

But on June 15, published a profile of Muzi Mei, titled

Muzi Mei fails to go straight: I don't use sex to attract people

and subtitled

I don't use sex to attract people, I use personality

The article paints a fairly good picture of a young woman who is certainly an original writer, but who has painted herself into a corner by writing stuff that no one will ever adapt into a soap opera for CCTV. The lead paragraph:

Muzi Mei, Li Li ... she dresses gaudily, but even more gaudy is her thinking and her behavior. She frequently changes sexual partners and even brazenly describes the details of her encounters on the Internet, revealing or hinting at the real identity of the men she has known. All of this caused a great fuss in Chinese society in 2003.

The story, from which the image above is a screen capture, is here. A Danwei interview with Muzi Mei is here. You can find a bunch of other stuff on Danwei about Muzi Mei here.

Muzi Mei is also known as Mu Zimei, muzimei, Mu Zi Mei and 木子美.
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