MySpace China under construction

Keso — probably China's most popular IT blogger — yesterday wrote about the domain name

Check it out: is active, and now belongs to a company called Mai Sibei (my space, geddit? or 北京麦斯贝信息技术有限公司). The image above is a screenshot of the website. The Chinese characters read "China's leading 2.0 website is under construction".

According to some information on Keso's website which he says comes from the Beijing Commercial and Industrial Bureau website (which your correspondent could not get to load), Mai Sibei is a domestic company (内资企业), registered to an address in Dongcheng District, Beijing. The legal representative of the company is named as Chen Junhong.

There's also an article about Mai Sibei on Sohu's IT channel: My Space China called Mai Sibei — Office to be located on Dongzhimen? (in Chinese).

MySpace China is going to need balls, and more, to succeed in China under such beady-eyed scrutiny.

On the other hand, perhaps Rupert is thinking: "Who needs balls when you've got Wendi?"

(Note: MySpace is owned by News Corporation which is controlled by Rupert Murdoch who is married to Wendi Deng (about whom Wikipedia has some gossip.)

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"On the other hand, perhaps Rupert is thinking: "Who needs balls when you've got Wendi?""

A better question is, "Who needs balls when you got people like me editing for News Corp. for really low pay and no benefits?"

HAHA just kidding...I don't mind it much. SUBSISTING ON PB & J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you know it is Murdoch's Myspace and isn't just a copycat?

"How do you know it is Murdoch's Myspace and isn't just a copycat?"

The Sohu article says that was originally registered by News Corp.

Is it real?I can not believe it.
Maybe it's the next Ebay.

Web twooh?
If the design will be like the US one, it's more Web 1.5...
Let's see what they cook up!

I was tickled pink to note in the Wikipedia entry on Mrs Murdoch that her original name is 邓文革 Deng Wenge, i.e. Cultural Revolution Deng. I wonder why she changed it. Even when she was born in 1969 it was a little extreme. Anyhow I bet Wendi and Rupe have a quiet laugh about it now ...

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