Internet in English on Twitter, a social networking site for Chinese musicians, designers, filmmakers, photographers, animators and those interested in Chinese creative communities, has an English language Twitter page.

As Neocha's Web site is almost entirely in Chinese, its Twitter page helps non-Chinese language readers sample the site's content without the hassle of reading Chinese.

Neocha's "tweets" are simply short descriptions of original Chinese creative content with direct links to the Neocha page housing that content.

Some samples:

Instrumental track from "A Hidden Trace" and Popil called "百了滋": link

Great graphic design by CD designer Will_D: link

Summertime illustration from "karenloves": link

Clay figurine art & illustrations from Qiuyu (who also is an electronic musician): link

Great animation video called "红糖葫芦" from Beijing Film Academy students: link

Featured slideshow from photographer Lakita: link

For those interested in the latest from the creative space in China, check it out: Neocha's Twitter page.

Also, for English language access to Neocha's online database of original Chinese indie music, see this earlier Danwei post.

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