Net scandal: student hits teacher video

Screen shot from a mobile phone video
From Roland Soong:
At 4pm on May 25, a video was posted on the Internet. In this video, there were more than 20 students in a classroom for a geography lesson. The students were napping, talking, horsing around and one of them was roaming around filming. One student said: "This is the geography lesson. Watch the show." Then he walked up to the teacher and removed the teacher's white hat. The class roared in laughter. Later, that student went up to the teacher and made for a physical confrontation. Another student threw a water bottle at the teacher while the first student yelled: "That stupid c*nt! Kill him!" The teacher just kept on with his lecture. The video was apparently posted by a female student in the class. Within three hours, there were 5,000 visits and 100 angry comments. The video was deleted at 7pm, but it has already been copied and distributed across the Intenet.

Soong goes on to explain how an online campaign on the Tianya and MOP BBS websites unleashed "human flesh search engines" (人肉搜索引擎) — i.e. motivated BBS users with time on their hands — to search for information about the school and its unruly students. A Tianya netizen "noted that the blackboard had the national flag of Uzbekistan with words of welcome for the friends from there" so he searched for visits by Uzbekistan groups and finally identified the school as "Art School in Haidian District, Beijing".

According to a report in Beijing Daily Messenger (娱乐信报), the school's website has since been hacked (you can see Baidu's cached copy of the website here). Searching for the school's name (海艺学校) on Google or Baidu results in hundred of links to outraged BBS posts and commentary on the affair. The school 's website is not currently working, and apparently the fingered institution denies that the video was shot on its campus.

Youtube and Youku still have copies of the video. To some older Chinese people, the scenes played out in this video may evoke some unpleasant memories of the brutish years of the Cultural Revolution. Or is this just a kid with what they would would call ADD in the U.S., captured unfortuitously on a mobile phone?

UPDATE:Global Voices has translated some of the online commentary about the affair. They ranger the gamut from blaming the system to calling this generation of children rubbish to criticism of teachers and schools.

UPDATE 2: ESWN has translated two extensive stories about the case from Southern Weekly.

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wait a minute: i thought that education was highly valued in china, and that the chinese respected their teachers, unlike in the west.

have i been misled?

Yeah that is just an old wives tale, Chinese students in my personal experience have less respect than American students

That's not surprising. I've been hearing stories like this for years, the good are good, the bad are REALLY BAD.

I don't know if it's still like this in Beijing but if you are bad you are assigned a bad school, where it's REALLY BAD. Beijiners call these "Pi(3) Zi(4)" school... It's like holigan/thug/asian gangsters type school, where teachers are scared shit less. People get beat up on a regular basis, etc... Especially you can tell from the video by the way these people dress and act they are what some Chinese people would consider as "bad kids." Actually I think this may be a universal Asian phenomenon.

I know several of these jackasses, actually they stabbed a friend of mine a couple of years ago. Punk bitches. We hate these kind of little bitches, acting like they're all that.

That's why in China you will see kids working very very hard, due to the fierce competition. If you don't work hard to get into college you are pretty much screwed for the rest of your life.

I tell Americans here at the universities that the Chinese students you see are like the creme of the crop (hence they're a little bit nerdy). All the fuck ups are back home.

@b. punk asses are punk asses all over the world, no?

Quote: "wait a minute: i thought that education was highly valued in china, and that the chinese respected their teachers, unlike in the west.
have i been misled?"

I think that it is right that we Chinese have a tradition of respecting teachers. However this kind of respect is based on an idea that a teacher’s status is higher than a student’s, not on mutual understanding. Therefore the respect is usually one-way, not double way, which is enough to cause a lot of disharmony things.

Saw this youtube video as a reply to the original:

my chinese isn't good enough, anyone care to translate the gist of it?

So here is a summary:

The school is a vocational/technical high school, apparently the worst kind of high school, like I mentioned, "Pi3 Zi4" school.

At first they interviewed a few former students standing around. The big guy mentioned something like the school wasn't this bad before, what the hell is wrong with kids today (although he himself looked like he was pretty Pi Zi, i.e a hooligan) He goes on to mention how the kids shamed the school, the city, the country etc...For some reason I detect that he was inwardly smirking. Another side comment is by way of the way these students dress one can tell a lot of them are Pi Zi. Normally "good kids" going to good schools will not dress like that (hairstyles, cloth etc...). That is not to say this is an indication of their natures. I'm simply mentioning common perception, especially those from parents of the supposed "good kids."

Afterward they interviewed the old man who apparently is the teacher in the video. He was actually defending these bastards, saying that it was just particularly these two kids that act up. They transfered here for the semester from a sister school.

He also mentioned that one of the kid has "mental" problems... I think the school told the teacher not to stir up trouble.

A little bit later the video kids were driven away in a van, avoiding all contact with the media. My guess is that these two kids are V.I.P. Has some sort of connection with the school, perhaps rich kids...

Afterwards they saw the principal, who refused an interview.


That's pretty much the video. Apparently many Chinese are pissed off. Since traditionally we are taught to show respect for teachers etc...


Both of my parents were teachers, art/English and math. I'm not good at any of these subjects lol :P. Okay, I admit I got some help with math.

[joined multiple posts - JM]

I've been an English Teacher for seven years now in China. I live and work in a small city, and out of my 18 classes this year, 12 are excellent classes where they live and breath school so they can go to a good univerity and have a bright and successful future. The remaining classes? I don't think care less about their future as their parents have said, "We have given our child everything and has now become spoiled and there is nothing we can do". Parents go on to say how sorry they are.

The one child policy has also had a great effect on the children of China.

I've worked in chinese public schools and have had a few horror classes. The problem as I see it starts in primary school. No Chinese public school that I'm familiar with has anything resembling a formal system of discipline. The teachers have only one recourse, yelling. They start yelling at them in first grade and by the time they hit middle school there is very little a teacher can say that will faze them in the least. Calling the students parents is always a last resort. Schools are terrified of offending or upsetting the parents and so principles and school administrators are always on the side of the parents and the offending student, rather than the teacher. The problem of student misbehavior has been getting worse over the years and will only continue to worsen until the parents, school administrators and the government all get on the same page.

totally agree with orlog, even the kindergarden the teacher method is to yell and terrify the little students, it's from this stage that the "chinese's castration" has began, problably i'm too radical in my position, but the education sistem in china is unberable, and the main problem in my opinion is not at the university level, when the personality of a human being is more or less developed but, the most serious problem is during the elementary school and the middle school.


In the States we have this disciplinary thing called day detention... OMG I forgot the term for it. It's where you spend the entire in detention. I spent many days in there watching walls melt...

In the States no matter how bad you were in middle, high school you can still turn your life around (if you wanted to). I'm the case in point. I didn't give a damn in high school, but somehow I turned my life around. The reason I was able to do it is because you are given many chances to do so in America. In China I don't think this chance exists, once you screw up, you are screwed. The competition is fierce. It's sad really. I'm sure cases exist where people were able to turn their lives around, but I doubt that is the norm.

this let me think why students nowadays have the "guts" to hit teachers or use words to insult teachers. here is my explanation,

students know more about violence from all sources in the society, websites, video clips, or even while walking on the street, etc. they try to imitate sometime, then they find the time---on the class, and the object is the teacher.

another thing is i found that at home some parents still use "spare the rod, spoil the child" way to teach their chiledren the lessons, esp to the boys. so unconsciously those children resort to some violent way or unrespected way to treat others.

personally, i dont think that will work, cuz some children will accumulate the anger and bury it in their heart.and once sth annoys them, they will vent their anger wildly by using some kind unexpected way, like hitting or smashing someone, etc.

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