Nevada wants Chinese money

KVBC, a Nevada-based NBC affiliate reports:

China has the fastest growing economy in the world, and Nevada is trying to get a piece of that pie. That's why we're looking to journalists from China for some help. In fact, they're spending several days traveling around the Silver State. News 3's Ben Correa tells us why Nevada already has a special relationship with China.

Nevada has a tourism office up and running in Beijing. It's a one of a kind for the United States and the first tourism office approved by the government of China. The goal of the China media tour is to show the jewels of the Silver State to the people of China.

"There are two cities in the United States that are most popular in China. The first is Las Vegas." They are journalists from around China. All are here to show the people of China that Nevada has a lot more to offer than gaming. "Gaming is illegal in China. We can not promote gaming in China, so Nevada is famous for dinning food and hotels." (Emphasis added)

Ahem! Yes, that's why Chinese people go to Nevada: all that great cuisine and those lovely hotels. Gambling is illegal in China so no Chinese person would go to Las Vegas to gamble.

The KVBC story is here.

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