007 vs Man in Black

Internet star video maker Hu Ge has released an entertaining new video (found via Shanghaiist).

Hu is best known for his Internet video spoof of Chen Kaige's movie The Promise (see ESWN and Danwei for more about the affair).

This new work is an originally shot live action spoof thriller, which sets a Chinese 007 against a Man in Black from the evil, imperialist America. 007 and his countrymen speak in Kung Fu English, with Chinese subtitles. All the "foreigners" speak Chinese, and 007 speaks Chinese like a foreigner.

007's mission in the film is to get a bottle of XO in a neighboring country. The story features a gang of XO-pushing hoodlums who do a dance to a Chinese version of Michael Jackson's 'Beat it!'. 007 gets the XO, but twenty miles from the border with his own country, he meets the Man in Black, who turns out to be George Bush. Watch the whole thing if that makes you curious.

Named 007 Versus the Man in Black (007大战黑衣人), the film seems designed for Boingboing.

007 Versus the Man in Black is in several parts. The video player should automatically load the entire sequence, but if it doesn't work, try watching it on the 6rooms page where it is hosted.

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An English-subtitled version has been made by enthusiasts:

a word for is not accessible from outside china these days.

The article has some mistakes. 007 is not from China but North Korea. He was sent to China to buy a bottle of XO. That's why 007 speaks English with his general and those foreigners speak Chinese, because they are Chinese.

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