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This just in: Chinese sex blogger du jour Mu Zi Mei just posted to an anonymous bulletin board. Blogchina republished the piece here.

More Mu Zi Mei frenzy is available at a special Yahoo channel located here.

Below is a rough translation of the most recent posting on Blogchina. Corrections welcome: the Chinese is at the bottom of the post.

Submitted by Mu Zi Mei, 2003-11-18, 6:19am

Hangzhou poet Pan Wei (who insisted that I use his real name) told me the facts with his radio announcer's voice. I was immediately moved, as though I had heard: "Premier Zhou [Enlai], where are you?"

OK, the flashback is over, let me tell this from the begininng.

Yesterday afternoon I went out at 3 in the afternoon. The phone rang. A number I didn't know. I answered. A a man's voice asked me: "Are you Mu Zi Mei?"

I could hear a lot of people laughing in the background. The man's voice was nice and rough, he didn't sound like a journalist.
I said: "Where did you get my phone number?" He said a friend of mine gave it to him but I had never heard the name of the 'friend' before. He also said his own name and told me that he was a poet. I didn't hear his name clearly. I had never heard it before.

I asked him: "What do you want?"
He talked about some stuff, but eveything was about that famous woman (i.e. Mu Zi Mei). I could hear there were people with him, laughing the whole time.
"Hey, are you their elected representative?"
He didn't answer.

"So, you wanna fuck or what? Poets are my people, don't be polite."

"Don't say fuck" he said, "don't use verbs."
Ah, his sourness comes out.

"So, we must be be ambiguous eh?"
"Being ambiguous is also an action, a verb"

My heart secretly started to warmed to him. I told him I was crossing the street, that he should wait until I got in a cab before we started speaking again."
"Where are you?" I asked.
"In a place called 'Faint'.
"So what are we talking about?"

"Let me tell you, a long, deep alleyway, a lot of water has accumulated in it, our Jiangnan [the area south of the Yangtze River]..." I could only hear him in bits, the mobile phone connection wasn't good. His voice kept on cutting out, the connection wasn't good.
"Oh, the clouds and rain on Wushan Mountain, ink wash paintings" ['Clouds and rain' is a literary euphemism for sex].

As soon as I heard 'Jiangnan' I thought of the the first time I smoked grass. I saw Jiangnan, as in an ink wash painting, turning and turning, millions upon millions of houses on riverbanks and beside lakes, turning, turning into millions upon millions of mountains.

"Vulgar!" He just said that one word.
"Ink wash paintings!" I repeated.
"I know."
"Ai! I like to speak directly. With you it's always the long way round. So tiring"
"You're tired because you just crossed the road."
The fucker is really is a poet.

I didn't know what he was getting at. But I think he was trying to teach me to speak more subtly. My motor mouth was moving, but i wanted to stop bullshitting. He said again how he supported me. His voice high pitched now, he said, "Mu Zi Mei, I admire you."

"Remember, this is what Hangzhou poet Pan Wei said to you."
Which character for 'Pan'?
"The Pan of Pan An, that beautiful man."
Yeah, and the Wei of Wang Wei. You must write my name."
"OK. Are there other people who want to praise me?"
"There's also Chen Dongdong, (hey, I've heard this name before), Han X (didn't hear clearly), and after that a few names that I didn't hear clearly at all.

I nearly told him my PO Box number so they could send a list of names, or even better a press release. But I just didn't say it. Their loss.

It was quite exciting to hear the voices of that bunch of people. Especially, the voices of soulful poets. Voices so fitting for promiscuous poets.

作者:木子美  2003-11-18 11:43:20
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11月18日·记 木子美,我赞美你!
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