CCTV News, the youth don't need you no more

Within hours of the news of North Korea's nuclear test breaking yesterday, the following video was published on Tudou, which is the most prominent of China's Youtube clones. It is a clip from Phoenix TV in Hong Kong about the North Korean's nukes.

Also relevant, this clip from the film Team America, hosted on Youtube:

Finally, it is worth considering this comment from an opinion piece in the Financial Times by Gideon Rachman:

Ronald Reagan, former US president, is said to have told Mikhail Gorbachev, former Soviet leader, that the differences between the US and the Soviet Union would pale into insignificance if the two countries were jointly faced with a threat from Mars. Mr Kim is as close to a Martian as anyone in world politics. If his nuclear posturing provokes the big powers in east Asia to bury some of their differences and work together on making the region more secure, the North Korean dictator may ultimately have done the world a favour.

The weekend's state visit to China by Japan's new prime mininster Shinzo Abe seems to be proof of that theory.

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I have discussed NK with many of my Chinese friends and all of them have described NK as like China was during the Cultural Revolution. I would think China will want to contain NK as badly as anyone else. But, the big question is whether it will go along with the same methods that will be pushed for by the U.S. and Japan, and probably South Korea.

Toodou's front page has the Phoenix TV video as a Recommended Video, and it has received 5,735 views. Meanwhile, the top video is a news clip about people who dub porn movies into Chinese; it has 23,387 views.

(Also in contrast, Youtube's current top video is an announcement for a themed video-making contest with 185,512 views.)

it would be worth noting that the only original axis of evil country Bush thought worthy of attacking was the one without nuclear weapons?

is there something noble to be gained by not eliminating the two nuclear-ambitioned cuontries, but to let the other one go into decline?

from the same article you link to here.

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