Nude PETA demonstrators in Wangfujing?


Former Beijing resident Gerry Mak sent in this photo, which appears to show nude PETA demonstrators walking around Wangfujing in Beijing.

If any reader knows anything about this photo, please tell us about it: jeremy @

Gerry Mak has a blog about music, film, New York and stuff called Jackson Specific.

UPDATE: Stefan Landsberger, who maintains the Internet's best archive of Chinese propaganda posters at this website, writes:

I remember the photo ... it's from quite a while ago. 2003? I remember it was in winter, I was quite shivery with the idea that these ladies were trawling Wangfujing in their birthday suits in subzero temps! Check this PETA link for more.

Penguin Books China chief and former City Weekend editor-in-chief Jo Lusby writes:

The protest was actually right outside the City Weekend offices in Wangfujing, and they sent a press release around by fax 24 hours ahead of time. Half the CW staff planned to go down and watch, but no one got down fast enough for the noon kick off. I went down at about 12.04 and there was a very red-faced security guard shouting "They're stripping! They're stripping (脱衣服!脱衣服!)"tuo yifu! Tuo yifu!" and running back into the building, and a very embarrassed huddle of policemen.
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