Parasite homosexual Jews

One of the scary things about Youtube is the comments section below each video: it seems that the average Youtube user is at best semi-literate and at worst filled with hateful passionate intensity. But the comments are not without their pleasure; sometimes the bad comments are so bad that they are hilarious.

Danwei TV's video interview with Mike Meyer about the hutongs around Dazhalan (which you can watch below) recently attracted this comment from an individual identifying himself as 'ChainCraig':

Great news that parasite homosexual jews like Goldkorn and Meyer are quitting the UK and USA and moving on to a new host.

Note to ChainCraig: The interview was filmed in front of a gay bar. However Meyer is not Jewish, your correspondent is not from the UK, and neither of us are gay. But hey, why let facts get in the way of bigotry?

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Well, since the Chinese are the "Jews of China", I suppose you'd fit right in?? ;^)

I wonder what this clown would say about all the Israelis I know that live and work here???

So, you're conceding the point about parasites?

Huh?! Jeremy, I missed your point.

Suppose he was a homosexual Jew, would that make this comment more relevant? are facts really important in statements like this one?

Please excuse me while I go and throw up...

I think you guys should move to the US and set up a cell of parasite homosexual Jew *commies*. That would really piss ChainCraig right off.

It doesn't matter who's from where or actually Jewish or gay or a commie. Being a parasite homosexual Jew commie is all about the attitude.

It's great when fascists self-identify. Saves you ages hunting them down and avoids the possibility of a mistaken kicking of the merely crass and foul-mouthed.

I told Luke when he cut that video that it made Mike seem gay.

[gay man walks by, Mike shown staring]
Meyer: "This interview is over!"

Luke. You bad, bad boy. I should slap your penis!

Dude, you know half the point of trolling on the ... screw it, all of the point of trolling on the internet is to irritate people. There's tons of otherwise normal people who indulge in being racist and sexist on the internet simply because they can.

The anti Jewish people on Youtube aren't exactly the brightest or most articulate. But maybe thats deliberate.

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I don't know man... It's kind fishy. Especially with all the half naked middle aged Chinese men standing around in the first few seconds of that video.

Seriously, the impression I got was Mike's gay. Why? Dude was in front of a gay bar. Then all of the sudden dude was like stop the video now when that other dude showed up. I thought that was his date or something.

Yes I love youtube, what a place for englightened scholarly discussions.

Oh God. Droll, but please spare us. YouTube comments are fascinating, but only in that they're the written word's closest approximation of raw sewage. J.G., just lead your rich and edifying life and let the less fortunate basket cases lead theirs.

No mention of your carefully hoarded ingots of AdSense gold, or Joel's new jaguar?

No offence, but I think Jewish people should be proud of being Jewish. IMHO, Jewish are the smartest and most productive people. If you like to browse through the China blogosphere, many of the interesting blogs are written by Jewish, example: Danwei, Peer-See, Benross, etc. Not to mention many celebrities and scientists are also Jewish.

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