Please help Danwei take the piss out of Google ads


Yo, yo, yo; Work Unit editor here:

As you may have noticed, Danwei is playing around with design and format, and also with the Dark Side: Google ads.

This is necessary, in order to devote more time to this website and its RSS feed, and to make both of them better. Also, we like to eat once in a while.

However, Danwei readers are this website's true value.

So please write to jeremy -at- if you find anything annoying.

For example, I myself would really not like to see another ad for discount Shantou hotels, but I was interested in the ad that appeared on Danwei today about 'European graphic designs', even though that ad turned out to be for some cheap ass corporate gift factory in Shenzhen.

Please write if there's anything pissing you off.

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