三表老师: 太TMD夸奖了


Editor's note for non Chinese readers: We recently interviewed Wang Xiaofeng for a Danwei TV show; he wrote some very nice things about us, even though he did compare your correspondent to Da Shan. The interview with Wang will be published next week.

There are currently 13 Comments for 对三表老师的采访,2月12日会如期与大家见面.

Comments on 对三表老师的采访,2月12日会如期与大家见面

Damned, Jeremy, what have you been doing to trigger off that comparison?


Fons: obviously something dodgy!





I 看不懂

da shan?

but you're not even canadian?

oh! the indignity!

The Da Shan comparison is almost inevitable. Being a foreigner in China usually sets it off.

Ah the old "comparison to Da Shan".

I've always thought those comparisons were a sign one had arrived at Stage 3.

Stages of Chinese Learning, with examples

Stage 1: 你好!

Stage 2: 我要一个这个(points)!

Stage 3: 肏!看什么?不干你的事!

As soon as you get to that stage, everyone is calling you Da Shan II.

I'll leave the Chinese examples for Stages 4 and up as an exercise for readers who have actually reached those stages! :)



I know it from Wang's blog

i am enjoying it now

Hey, today is 12.2. I am waiting

man,where‘s the show?
Can’t wait any more。。。

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