Progressive education for Jiangsu Party members


The banner above is at the top of China Jiangsu Net's home page. The characters mean "Vanguard of the era; Maintain Communist Party members' progressive education". According to the 'About' page, China Jiangsu Net is "Jiangsu Province's largest important website, established by the Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government".


It would seem that China Jiangsu Net's editors are taking the directive to be the advanced vanguard of the era to heart. On the left is a small sample of the cutting edge "art" photos on the health section of the website. Truly, China Jiangsu Net is promoting progressive education for Party members, and beating Xinhua at its own game.

China Jiangsu Net: Western body photos: simple nudity (in Chinese, but click on almost any link for more progressive education)
Xinhua (trying to keep up with Jiangsu Net): Hot: Tempting swimsuit girls

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