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SUBS at Oya in Norway in 2005 - pic by Jon Campbell is a sister site of Danwei's that is all about Scandinavia, China and everything in between.

The name Ratatosk is taken from a squirrel who lives on Ygdrasil, the cosmic tree of Norse mythology. A little like the Greek god Hermes, Ratatosk delivers messages all over the cosmic tree between various gods, beasts and men. But Ratatosk is naughty, delighting also in spreading gossip and rumors. is still in its infacy, beta mode as geeks like to say, but constructive comments are welcome. We are looking for Scandinavian bloggers, writers and photographers to contribute to the site, please write to if you are interested.

Today, Ratatosk features an article about Beijing garage-punk band SUBS, and their tour of Scandinavia that kicks off this week. They will perform in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark before returning to Beijing in mid September: SUBS: beijing band tours Scandinavia this summer.

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ratatosk ça nous fait penser à ratatouille en français ...désolé les gars !

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